Nursing Centers of Excellence

Elevate your practice to new heights by enrolling your nursing staff in the Nursing Certificate Course. Once a minimum of fifty percent of your nurses successfully complete the ASRM Academy Nursing Certificate Course in Reproductive Endocrinology Nursing (REI) your practice is eligible to apply to gain the exclusive privilege of showcasing the esteemed Nursing Center of Excellence emblem.

To continue embodying excellence, nurses who completed the certificate course more than three years ago are required to stay updated through additional learning. This involves completing any eight courses of the nurses choosing offered by the ASRM Academy, with many courses being complimentary for members. These courses encompass various topics, including Grand Round Webinars, ensuring your nursing staff remains at the forefront of knowledge and expertise in reproductive endocrinology nursing. 

This emblem stands as a testament to the expertise of your registered nurses and nurse practitioners in reproductive endocrinology nursing. Their additional training, acquired through the ASRM Academy Nursing Certificate Course in REI, enhances their capabilities and enriches patient care. Practices meeting these criteria are authorized to prominently display the emblem on their website and promotional materials.

ASRM's steadfast belief in the pivotal role of nurses in patient education and satisfaction is embodied in this emblem. By showcasing it alongside the statement "A Symbol of Nursing Excellence" in your practice and on your website, you not only aid patients in choosing your fertility practice, but you also underscore the value of continuous advanced education for nurses. This, in turn, amplifies your practice's reputation and creates a cascade of educational prospects for your nursing staff.

Join us in promoting nursing excellence and showcasing your practice's commitment to top-tier patient care.

Below is a map and current list of programs that have earned the Nursing Center of Excellence designation:


Nursing Centers of Excellence

AHN Center for Reproductive Medicine

Audubon Fertility

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Center for Infertility and Reproductive Surgery

Carilion Clinic Reproductive Medicine & Endocrinology

Center for Reproductive Medicine

CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine

Fertility and IVF Center of Miami

Infertility and IVF Medical Associates of WNY

MCRM Fertility

Mississippi Reproductive Medicine

Nevada Fertility Center

NYU Langone Fertility Center

Pacific Fertility Center

Penn Fertility Care

Seattle Reproductive Medicine

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services

The Fertility Institute of New Orleans

The Valley Hospital Fertility Center

Women and Infants Fertility Center 

Application to become a Nursing Center of Excellence



Practices who have successfully met these criteria are eligible to receive and display the symbol on their website and other marketing materials. The individual nurses who have completed the course may also be listed along with the emblem. Centers who have not received the “Nursing Center of Excellence” designation are not authorized to use the logo.

Application Renewal 

Upon each renewal every three years, the continuing education model explained above must be met for both new nurses joining the clinic and renewing nurses already part of the staff. This consistent requirement underscores the commitment to ongoing education and ensures that the entire nursing team remains equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in reproductive endocrinology nursing. By adhering to these renewal standards, your practice not only upholds its commitment to excellence but also guarantees that all nurses, both incoming and existing, contribute to the clinic's continuous growth and advancement in patient care.