NPG Mentorship Program

As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering professional development within our NPG community, we are delighted to announce the initiation of the NPG Mentorship Program.

The NPG Mentorship Program aims to establish connections between experienced members of our community and those seeking guidance and support in their professional journeys. Whether you are a seasoned professional eager to share your knowledge or a newcomer seeking advice and mentorship, this program is designed to facilitate meaningful connections that contribute to growth and development.

Here's a breakdown of how the program operates:

  1. Express Interest: If you wish to participate as a mentor or mentee, kindly complete the application.
  2. Eligibility: Both mentor and mentee must be current NPG members to participate.
  3. Matching: NPG will match mentors with mentees based on shared interests, goals, and expertise, striving to create the best possible match for an enriching experience.
  4. Feedback and Evaluation: Throughout the mentorship program, both mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to provide feedback and evaluate its effectiveness. This feedback will be instrumental in continuously enhancing and refining the program.

We are excited to announce that our inaugural NPG Mentorship Program in-person meet and greet will take place at the upcoming ARM&NPG meeting in April 2024. We strongly encourage all participants to attend.

We eagerly anticipate embarking on this exciting journey with you and witnessing the positive impact of mentorship within our NPG community.

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